Cultivation and Uses of Peppers

Cultivation of Peppers Growing peppers is not difficult but it takes some time. You must sow the seed as early as possible. As we previously have written you should start as early as in January/February, but at the very latest at the end of March. This is because the pepper plants take time to develop. Chili is

How to Dry Chili Peppers

To be able to take advantage of its harvest is an important part of the cultivation. It both prolongs and enhances the application to consume what we grow, which also makes that less goes to waste. Chili is a perfect example of a fruit that goes to refine endlessly. Secondly, there are very many fun

Time to Start Your Chili Seeds is NOW!

If you are living in a country where it’s winter right now: it’s time to start to germinate your chili seeds! In fact, you could have started your chili plants a couple of weeks ago. If you preplant your pepper plants in December it will give the plants a lot of time to develop fruit

How to Grow Chili From Seed

In this post, you will find information on how to grow chili from seed. Although the focus will be on how to grow indoors much of the guides information also apply for growing outdoors (e.g., in your garden and/or green house). If you stumbled upon this site you may be thinking “why the hell should

12 Facts About Chili Peppers

We Love Chili Peppers and you should too! Here’s a list of 12 facts about chili peppers. It’s not an exhaustive list but there are some nice and neat information to be learned here. 1. Chili Peppers Belongs to the Same Family as Potatoes Chili belongs to the species capsicum and the family Solanaceae. Most chili

5 Orange Chili Peppers to Grow at Home

We’re back with another post! Here you will find five interesting peppers that produces orange chili fruits. The Scoville Heat Unit range of the peppers are from mild to hot. See our other post 6 Chili Peppers From India if you need more inspiration of growing chilies. Ají amarillo This pepper have a name that means yellow

End of Season: Preserving Your Harvest by Drying the Peppers

Chili is at least as fun to cultivate and to see grow, as to harvest and use the peppers in the autumn. It may not be a secret but we REALLY love chili peppers. To dry chilies is an excellent way to preserve your chili peppers so that you can enjoy the heat all year.

A Short Guide to Cultivating Your Own Chili Peppers

We really love chili peppers and the peppers are great to use in cooking. Who doesn’t like a hot chili stew?! Eating peppers also have a lot of nice health benefits (e.g., burning calories, protecting against cancer). Many people may think it is hard to grow your own peppers. It is not. They can be grown

End of Season: A Guide To Harvesting and Over Wintering Your Pepper Plants

When the autumn is approaching, it is time to bring in chili plants indoors and let the last chili peppers ripen indoors. The harvest will be much larger and richer in this way as chili plants usually has the most fruit during the autumn and temperature lower than 12 degrees substantially slows down the plant’s

Why You Feel the Burning Sensation When Eating Peppers

Capsaicin is the substance in chilies that makes the brain believe that they are hot. Even if you don’t get any burns, and it required very large amounts of chili for it to be dangerous – so the brain can be very convincing…   Scoville Scale The Scoville scale provides a guide to how strong