A Short Guide to Cultivating Your Own Chili Peppers

We really love chili peppers and the peppers are great to use in cooking. Who doesn’t like a hot chili stew?! Eating peppers also have a lot of nice health benefits (e.g., burning calories, protecting against cancer). Many people may think it is hard to grow your own peppers. It is not. They can be grown indoors, outdoors, in raised beds, in pots, and directly in the ground.

Here’s a short guide on how to grow peppers at home! Enjoy.

Purple chili pods and flower

Chili peppers and flower. Photo by mannewar

To grow your own chili is really worth a try. Whether you choose to sow your own seeds early in the season, or if you buy an already grown chili plant later in the spring. Either way, you will get nice and hot chili peppers.

Five Simple Steps to Growing Your Own Peppers

It is super easy and on top of the hot peppers, you also get a beautiful flowering plant.

  1. Take some of the seeds from a chili pod that you’ve used when cooking
  2. Put some soil in a small pot.
  3. Put your seeds in the soil (just enough so that the soil covers the seeds, about 0.5 cm)
  4. When chili plant become larger, you may need to move it into a larger pot, then, on pressing down the plant further down in the earth
  5. Harvest!

Your plant can survive for a long time, give it just a little bit of water over the winter so it can give you fruit for many years!

Chili peppers can be anything from mild to hot (see our guide for hot to EXTREMELY hot peppers from India, for instance). Additionally, look at our post 5 Orange Chili Peppers to Grow at Home for inspiration. If you don’t know what to grow, that is.

Now, over to you! What is your favorite chili pepper to grow? Are there some super important tips and tricks that you want to let us and our readers know.

Feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. We’d love your input!

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